The Power of The Child!

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When I was in 6th Grade I was walking home from school, Hickam Elementary.  A Man pulls up in a car.  Seemed to be a big man wearing a white t-shirt leans out of his open driver’s  window and asks if I wanted some candy. This is more common than any parent may think.  What happens next in a situation like this is dependent on the Power of the Child! 


What are the kids being taught to do in this and so many other situations?  You can not rely on a casual conversation with your kid, telling them to say NO and find an adult to build the auto response to the Bad Guy/Lady. Fortunately my father had actually made me practice this scenario!  Now, here I am being asked if I want candy from a stranger.  Because of my father’s insistance of practicing this and other situations I had a response that never required thought.  That’s right. I had No temptation (I have a BIG Sweet Tooth) for what ever candy that I am sure he didn’t have, or Did Have with Bad Intent. Therefore, the word ‘No’ came out of my  mouth with out any hesitation.  I kept my distance and the man drove off very quickly. As soon as I got home I called my dad at work to report what had happened. I was safe and, because my dad made me practice, I HAD THE POWER.


This can happen to any child any where. This is why we, Wrights ATA Martial Arts, work every day to give your children the power to react to a potentially tragic situation.  We call it “Kids in Power”. A system of teaching our students That They have the Power to protect them selves from Predators and Bullies in our Society. Our children at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts learn how to safely get involved when someone is being picked on or worse.  Our kids are the Ones who get help from an adult, call when there’s an emergency, and can Protect themselves when Bullies become violent or a Predator tries to pick them up.


As Parents and Members of our Community it is our Duty to provide a safe enviroment for our children to Learn and Live. That’s just what Wright’s ATA Martial Arts is doing. We are providing Power to the Children to be active young members of our society. We build young people who will be Immune to Negative Peer Pressure, over 90% LESS Likely to Ever be Bullied again, and to become successful in Life. It’s up to YOU as Parents and Family members to provide this to your Children.  Bring them NOW and see what Kids N Power really is.

Thomas Wright