Patience and Perseverance, In Time, Gains All

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Believing to Achieving

A Black Belt’s Essay of Persistence and Achievability

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The following is an Essay from a 3rd Degree Candidate explaining how she has developed Persistence and Achievability through the use of GM M. Kenyatta’s quote, “Patience and Perseverance, in Time, Gains All”.

The Benefits of becoming a Martial Artist has done a lot for me such as making me mentally Stronger. Like having more Confidence, I show that I have more confidence because I do things such as talking in front of big crowds and doing things I would never have done before I started martial arts. Also, I have more belief, I believe in myself, such as at tournaments I try to believe that I will win. Which before I started Taekwondo I never had confidence in myself.

Being in Taekwondo has also improved my discipline. When I’m at home I no longer get in trouble with my mom for not doing what she tells me to do. Also, at school, I went from straight F’s to Straight A’s and my teachers are proud of me.

Taekwondo has also made me become more Persistent. I now work toward my goal and never give up on what I’m trying to accomplish. I overcome failures and improve every mess up and never give up.

All these reasons have made me the person I am today, all of this came from my instructor Thomas Wright, he is very funny very cool and I’m glad I have had the opportunity to work with him and be his student.

Thank you – Maddison Jones, Instructor, 3rd Degree Candidate.

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