Karate For Kids Classes at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts

Learn Martial Arts in Memphis with a top rated Karate For Kids and Martial Arts for Adults School.

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Karate Kids

Karate programs aimed at developing physical and mental capabilities

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Martial Arts Kids

Parents and Children can learn martial arts in a safe and stress free environment.

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Adult Martial Arts

Learn Martial Arts that teach self-confidence, weight loss and sharper minds

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One Week Free including Uniform

5 Benefits of Joining Wright’s ATA Martial Arts

Learn Valuable life Skills

Increase Your Fitness

Make New Friends

Learn To Defend Yourself

Flexible Class Times

Wright's ATA karate class

Karate Helps To Build Self-Confidence and Discipline

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The quest to Black Belt is not easy, by any means, but it is rewarding. The students leave class tired - but smiling - every time, and they learn far more than the art and execution of TaeKwonDo. Self esteem, self control, concentration and commitment all mature exponentially as the student progresses up the ranks.

December 12, 2014

My dream is to improve our community and nation by developing and building strong leaders through inspiration, focus, discipline, and the confidence of knowing that there is truly no limit to what they can achieve.

It is very important to all of us here at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts to see our students excel in every way possible. These programs are designed to help our students outside our classroom walls for the real world journeys they have ahead of them. With the skills and mindset of a confident and successful leader, they will realize that there are no limits to their accomplishments in life.

School Owner Thomas Wright

It’s About Personal Development

Wright’s ATA Martial Arts is an established studio in East Memphis, dedicated to the personal development of all that enter our doors. We welcome you to visit us, tour our facility and see for yourself how our staff, instructors (The Wright Team) works together for a better you.

Our Parent’s Say it Best!

“Since Andrew has been coming to Wright’s ATA, we have noticed a change for the positive in his behavior and manners. While he did not need much improvement in these areas, he has shown an increase in his respect of his parents and teachers and also demonstrates leadership qualities with his younger sister, and at school among his friends. On his last report card, his teacher commented on what a great leader he has become! Additionally, we have noticed and overall increase in enthusiasm and perseverance in performing tasks that he might not rather be performing . We are very proud of Andrew and the personal growth he has shown since he has started coming to Wright’s ATA!”

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One Week Free including Uniform

Special Offer


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