Parental Involvement

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Parental Involvement

Increasingly I witness parents staring down into their iPads and phones while their child is looking back at them after performing a kick or strike that, until a few moments before, they could not envision themselves executing properly.  While we are all applauding the student’s achievement, Mom and/or Dad missed it AND the look from their young child seeking approval from their parent.

At Wright’s ATA Martial Arts we constantly encourage the family to be involved with their child’s training.  Our goal, at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, is to help parents mold their children into emotionally and intelligently stronger people.  This requires the development of Focus, Disciplined Thought, Self-Control, and a High Self-Esteem just to mention a few Life Skills. While we train and study hard to be the example that is expected of us as Role Models to our students, it becomes difficult to impart this to our students when the parents are not involved with their children’s achievements.

I have a fix for this as well as a fix for the constant wish for better health that all of us, as adults, wish for but don’t “have time” to do.  Since you are here anyway, take part in the class with your children.  Its proven that when parents actively take part in their children’s activities, especially in Martial Arts, the entire family’s Self-Esteem and Loyalty to each other rises to a very high level.

The kids see you sweating and working to achieve and perform difficult tasks to a positive result.  You begin to feel better because you are becoming healthier and stronger.  Your attitude is more positive and the children picks up on that.  Our staff is trained to work with adults, children and families.  There are no negatives related to training with your family.  At Wright’s ATA Martial Arts you are surrounded by a positive and energetic atmosphere all designed to improve your outlook on Life.  Don’t wait.  Get with us and lets get the WHOLE family involved in becoming more Successful in Life.


Thomas Wright

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Mr. Wright is a 4th Degree Black Belt, Army Ranger, Recently inducted into the the American Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame, and World Champion. He has put together a Developmental Training Program that is 2nd to none.  He uses his passion for martial arts as the medium to teach others to be Successful in Life.  He likes to call it “Black Belts in Life”.