Wright program Family 280x190 Why Do We Work With Children?

I get asked this a lot.  “Why do we work with Children?” Many people, mistakenly, feel that Taekwondo is for children.  So not true! As a 4th Degree instructor I would be devastated to find my hard training and work was child’s play! When I opened Wrights ATA Martial Arts I had never worked with […]

01d5e30c6299d32ed995619a2807a62dc405b750f5 A Mature Concern from a 9 Year Old Black Belt

A few days ago one of my young 1st Degree Black Belts came into my office and sat… down next to me.  Now Sal is a very intelligent student with a challenge that makes training in a large class environment difficult. He then told me that he does not want to become a 2nd Degree […]

img hero WrightATA desktop4 280x190 HEY PARENTS!!!

  I have been reading a lot of new “Marketing Ideas” for Wrights ATA Martial Arts. Really? NEW? Here’s a new idea!  TRUTH! It’s not just the Karate or Taekwondo that makes our students, young and not so young, feel a need to Excel.  They Become Black Belts in Life not just in martial arts. […]

leadership 480x320 1 Why do We Practice What We Preach?

 IMPRESSIONABLE YOUNG ONES When I was a junior instructor for my instructor Senior Master Choung Soo Ko, I noticed a young student watching me.  His mother told me that he calls me “Samurai Jack” because of the way I act on the floor during classes. That reaffirmed my belief that we are always being watched […]