Taekwondo Leads to Making Accomplishments!

Wright program kids karate Taekwondo Leads to Making Accomplishments!
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Better Grades, making Accomplishments

“In life you make many accomplishments. While making these accomplishments is great, the person you become is a lot more important. I have learned countless lesson on my journey to Black Belt that helped me grow as a person. Some of the things I have learned and improved at are focus, respect, and confidence.

Improved Focus

I have improved on focus since I started Taekwondo, and by doing so I finally accomplished straight A’s. While I was always able to achieve the grade, focusing in classes I found boring was really difficult. As I got more committed to Taekwondo and joined the Leadership program was my focus improved greatly. The classes I was getting B’s in went to A’s. I learned that classes were only hard and boring if you made it boring, but if you thought of it as this isn’t so bad because we are learning something, class became easier to focus on.

Respect and Following Direction

Secondly, I have improved on my respect. Respect as a Black Belt is very important. Before I joined Taekwondo I never said yes ma’am, no ma’am or yes sir, no sir, but that changed very quickly as I started Taekwondo. Soon every answer became yes sir, no sir, or yes ma’am, no ma’am. Another lesson of respect I have learned is to my mom. Before I started and even when I was a low ranking color belt I would not do things the first time I was asked, I would just wait and wait and do it maybe the fifth or sixth time I was asked. However, as a higher rank color belt I do it the first time I am asked without talking  back. Additionally I do whatever it is that needs to  be done before I’m asked to do so.

Confidence Erases ‘Can’t’ from Your Vocabulary

Lastly, I have improved a great amount in confidence. As a white  belt I was very quiet in class, I would not yell, answer loudly, and I hated having to stand up and show the class. As I got higher in rank, my teaching skills got better, and I was more comfortable standing in front of the class. Secondly, I have become more confident by eliminating the word ‘can’t’ from my vocabulary. This I am just now doing as I’m approaching my black belt. I learned that if you say ‘can’t’ you won’t be able to do it, but if you say to yourself I can do this then you will e able to accomplish your goal.

In conclusion I have learned a lot on my journey to Black Belt, and I plan to learn and grow even more as a Black Belt. ” – An Essay by 1st Degree Candidate, Level 1 Staff Instructor, Julia Fowler