leadership 480x320 1 Why do We Practice What We Preach?

 IMPRESSIONABLE YOUNG ONES When I was a junior instructor for my instructor Senior Master Choung Soo Ko, I noticed a young student watching me.  His mother told me that he calls me “Samurai Jack” because of the way I act on the floor during classes. That reaffirmed my belief that we are always being watched […]

leadership 480x320 1 280x190 The Power of The Child!

“HEY! YOU WANT SOME CANDY?” When I was in 6th Grade I was walking home from school, Hickam Elementary.  A Man pulls up in a car.  Seemed to be a big man wearing a white t-shirt leans out of his open driver’s  window and asks if I wanted some candy. This is more common than […]

Wright program kids karate 280x190 Taekwondo Leads to Making Accomplishments!

“In life you make many accomplishments. While making these accomplishments is great, the person you become is a lot more important. I have learned countless lesson on my journey to Black Belt that helped me grow as a person. Some of the things I have learned and improved at are focus, respect, and confidence. Improved […]

015b5edc61bb476a0ca54cf284dd21032da29f3e27 From Led to Leader   An Essay on Mentor ship

This is an Essay from 2nd Degree Black Belt Candidate Kali (Karate Kali) Johnston.  Through her journey to a Black Belt Life we find that she is following the students who support and encourage her as she grows to be the example for her juniors continuing our legacy. This young Tiny Tiger grows through her […]