Karate For PreSchool2 Pre School Karate Kids

Set your pre-schooler on a course for healthy habits, self-respect, and physical fitness throughout his or her life training at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts! Our Martial Arts school is the premier place in Memphis, Tennessee where pre-school kids come to develop useful, lifelong skills in a safe and stress-free environment designed for children. Life skills […]

Men Martial Arts2 Martial Arts for Adults

Martial Arts For Adults classes are led by a highly qualified team of instructors under the supervision and guidance of Martial Arts instructor Thomas Wright. They have designed, incorporated, and tested a top-tier Martial Arts for Adults training system utilized in class so that one can truly master the techniques of various Martial Arts such as Taekwondo, […]

Women 8 Self Defense

Awareness is the key to any good Self-Defense program. Part of the training we provide at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, teaches students to learn to avoid potentially threatening situations altogether. Often, this is merely a matter of crossing to the other side of the street and avoiding dimly lit areas or choosing a route where […]