Holiday Time of Cheer and Discipline

  It’s That Time Again!

It’s that time of year when, many of us, get to eat great food, be with close friends and family.  What a great Time of Year!  While some people see us (Martial Artists) as strict dietary Pillars of Discipline, the truth is that we too enjoy food.  In fact we enjoy A Lot of food.  The difference is that we do our best to enjoy a cleaner than most diet and have the Internal Fortitude to continue our physical regimen to work off any unneeded calories or fat. Through exercise, proper eating, and training we are able to, at times, enjoy the wonderful foods that we are blessed to have in front of us during the Holiday Season.   We eat, enjoy, and are very Thankful for the foods that God has provided.  We also know that what we ingest during the festivities will need to be worked out of our physical selves so that we do not become sluggish, lazy, or ……. (that word) FAT!  This all comes from an acquired discipline through our Martial Arts training. This is why we teach our students at, Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, to eat the good food so they can enjoy the Fun Food.  Watch the portions and the content.  To quote Tony Horton, “Use Cheese as a spice” not a meal.  And, of course, TRAIN! Honestly, if you want a “guilt free” diet, just exercise, be conscious of what you are putting in your body and TRAIN!  I’ll tell you this.  When I teach classes right after a holiday (Thanksgiving for ex.) I can smell the gravy and grease coming off of the students in class.  Do I chew them out?  NO!  I ate it too!  I smell like Peanut Oil and Fried Turkey!  And Proud Of It!  BUT, They are right back in Class sweating it out.  They, have developed Discipline. It begins with your First Step to living a healthier life.  Exercise.  Come to class and let us help you.  This is what we do. Register for your First Class Today