Life Style versus Activity Martial Arts

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Living with Life Skills

Life Skills Style Versus Activity Martial Arts

So, there seems to be a little confusion between what Wright’s ATA Martial Arts teaches with Life Skills and What many Other schools do for their Students. 

The Majority of schools in our area may teach a high level of Martial Arts and or Fitness.  They might mention life skills and teach their kicking and punching.  That’s where we become Very Different.  At Wright’s ATA Martial Arts the families do receive a high level of Martial Arts, Fitness and Self-Defense.  But, we Also, (here’s the big Difference) encourage and work to inspire our students to become Black Belts in Life.  From the first step into our school the families are taught about living with and showing great manners, Self-Control and Respect, the basic Elements of a Martial Arts Life Style . 

Wright’s ATA Martial Arts is where report cards are required to be brought in for rewards or for challenges to improve to the A’s and B’s we expect from our students.  Black Belts are not allowed to fall below and A/B average.  We teach Self Speak to maintain the Higher level of Self-Esteem required to be Successful in Life. Our Leadership Students learn to speak to groups of 2 and up to 2  thousand. There is so much MORE!

Check out What Wright’s ATA’s Parents are Saying:

“In speaking with Ivy’s School teacher the other day, she informed me that she has seen a change (for the good) in Ivy’s behavior.  At the time she did not know Ivy was back in Taekwondo Class but stated that Ivy seemed more disciplined and focused.  Ivy has never had a behavior issue other than her intense nature and energy level. She has focused this for the better since enrolling back at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts.” – C. Steakley


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