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Karate Kids for Pre-School

From respect to self-discipline, Wright’s ATA Martial Arts provides students with “hands-on” practice of good values in the Pre-School Karate Kids curriculum.

One Week Free including Uniform

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Karate Kids develop Focus, Self-Respect, Confidence,

At Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, set your pre-schooler on a course for healthy habits, self-respect, and physical fitness throughout his or her life! Our Martial Arts school is the premier place in Memphis, Tennessee where pre-school kids come to develop useful, lifelong skills in a safe and stress-free environment designed for children. Children develop and carry out these life skills while they are simultaneously developing mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Karate Kids Pre-School Program Benefits

Learn Valuable life Skills

Increase Your Fitness

Make New Friends

Learn To Defend Yourself

Karate Kids Pre-School classes in Memphis, Tennessee

Starting your child in our quality Karate Kids Preschool program at an early age greatly assists in their growth and development. The skills and techniques they learn are useful not only at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, but tend to shine through at home, school, and other daily settings. Teachers will definitely notice a difference in your child! Social skills, communication, and awareness are all highly valued traits in society and are a large part of our Pre-School Karate Kids program.

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Special Offer

One Week Free including Uniform

Karate Kids Program helps build Attentiveness, Thoughtfulness, and Discipline

From respect to self-discipline, Wright’s ATA Martial Arts provides students with “hands-on” practice of good values in the Pre-School Karate Kids curriculum. Students training at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts learn to respect peers and siblings as well as teachers, parents, and other elders. Our team of friendly, experienced instructors – mentored by Thomas Wright – truly believes in strengthening the mind and body of each student in our community as a way to create leaders and improve society for everyone.

The focus of our Karate Kids Pre-School program preparing children for their academic school years. Teachers and parents agree that the attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and discipline are big advantages for students in the classroom, at home, and in social settings. For example, Wright’s ATA Martial Arts classes teach students to memorize the steps to perform each Martial Arts technique for proper execution. Practice makes perfect in helping children learn memorization skills required for excellence in academics, athletics, and other important pursuits throughout their lives.

Karate Kids Pre-School Starts Your Kids Off On The Right Path

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The quest to Black Belt is not easy, by any means, but it is rewarding. The students leave class tired - but smiling - every time, and they learn far more than the art and execution of TaeKwonDo. Self esteem, self control, concentration and commitment all mature exponentially as the student progresses up the ranks.

December 12, 2014