What our Parents are Saying!!!

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From one of our New Families!!! 

Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, building a better World!

Realizing that, from a young age, we are taught more about what is not allowed.  Being cautious we teach our children what is the norm, the social expectancy, etc.  I have found that we need to add that what ever our children are wanting to grow up to be, we need to remind them to go after their dreams!  At Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, WMATN.com, we encourage our students to remember that there is no Limit to what they can achieve.  It all starts with little bits like board breaking,  or being rewarded for good grades at school. These little bricks of reinforcement turn our children into Physically, Emotionally, and Intellectually stronger teenagers and adults ready to tackle their Dreams!

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“I am very pleased with everything Nelson is learning at your School (Wrights ATA Martial Arts). I can tell he feels more Confident which I’m excited to see continue!” She also adds, “Nelson is starting to believe that he can Achieve  things he once thought were impossible (ie. breaking a board)” – K. Kent