Why do We Practice What We Preach?

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Who is Watching?


When I was a junior instructor for my instructor Senior Master Choung Soo Ko, I noticed a young student watching me.  His mother told me that he calls me “Samurai Jack” because of the way I act on the floor during classes. That reaffirmed my belief that we are always being watched by impressionable young ones. It is imperative that we not only Practice What We Preach but LIVE  What We Preach!


How many times have we  been to a seminar about customer service?  There is a reason those speakers get paid so much to tell us what we all want anyway. It’s because no one takes the time to make it happen.  There have to be systems in place to make sure there are no questions concerning taking care of clients.  In our case the parents of our children.  Also, this means a very high level of instruction for our martial arts students. Not just kicking and punching but, in our case as a developmental martial arts school, the intrinsic values on our Life Skills.


To truly teach our students how to live a Black Belt Life we (Wright’s ATA Martial Arts) have implemented systems that hold our students accountable for their lives at home, in public, and at school.  (Including school grade improvement). For example; all of our parents have my cell phone number and are encouraged to call me to assist with any behavioral challenges. We even require teacher involvement for the student’s graduation to their next rank.


I have added a link from Memphis Moms Blog, a popular go to site for moms in Memphis for Where and What to do With our Kids. Also, to relate with others the every day struggles that go with parenthood.  Here you will find one way we at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts practice What We Preach. Read the Blog and then call us at 901-529-7030 or register for a free membership at our web site, www.WMATN.com. Then experience the best service you’ll find in Memphis and the Best thing You’ll Ever Do for Your Child.

My Quest to Find the “Wright” Martial Arts Program


Thomas Wright,

World Champion, Owner of the AMAA Hall of Fame School Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, Former Army Ranger, 4th Degree Black Belt.


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